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As Christians, we have THE advantage when it comes to finances, but most people don’t know it. The Bible is FULL of wisdom, lessons, strategies and action steps for Financial Increase. I’m going to teach you how to activate them.

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My Personal Income Report: March 2015

Learn exactly how much money we made, and how we made it. Show me the money!


Paying Off My House, Paying Off Your

Paying Off Houses and Escaping Day Jobs.

Does paying your house off seem impossible? Not any more.


Why I Spend $150 on Dinner.

What God taught me about how to have Best of the Best.


3 Steps to Cure Your Bank Account Blues.

Bank account got you down? Click Here and turn that around


Retired at 30a

How I Retired at Age 30 (And How You Can Too)

“Retiring” allows you to live the life you’ve dreamed about.  Let me show you how to get there…

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Make The BEST Financial Decision EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

This may be my most important lesson so far…
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Are You Missing (2)Why Isn’t the Money Coming?

How to Never Miss God’s Provision Again
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80k 3How We GAVE $80,000 By Age 29

Learn the EXACT promises of God we activated that caused financial abundance!
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How to Punch a Cold in the FaceHow to Punch a Cold in the Face (And NOT Miss Work)

Let’s face it, some days we feel like crap…
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breakingbad_skylerwaltmoneyThe ONLY Way to Grow Your Savings Account (The Storehouse Principle)

Had the same $200 in your savings account for the last 2 years? Let’s change that…

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financial_decision_makingEVERYTHING You Need to Know About Tithing.

What EXACTLY is it? Does it work? Do we have to do it?

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