4 Reasons You Should NEVER Move for Money (And How to Move the Right Way)

In this deeply powerful, (and somewhat offensive) podcast episode, I’ll reveal to you what happens “behind the spiritual scenes” when you make the decision to move for money.

This could be a job promotion, a new opportunity, or business venture, MAKE SURE you make the decision to uproot your family based on the scriptures and lessons taught in today’s podcast.

Remember, just because an opportunity seems good, does not mean it’s necessarily from the Lord. I’ll show you today how to distinguish between the two and make sure that you make the RIGHT decision anytime you have a life-changing choice in front of you.

You’ll learn:

  • What it REALLY looks like to make 100k (including actual expenses)
  • What your family goes through during a move
  • How to move the RIGHT way (and how to know if you’re supposed to!)
  • The truth that you can make money ANYWHERE – not just in a big city

(You can also read this in blog post form here)


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