3 Step Formula

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck This Year:


Hey guys! Glad you’re here. My name is Travis Peters and I teach Christians how to live a life of increase and purpose.

Over the last few years I’ve compiled the lessons, strategies and action steps that have taken me and my family to the next level financially.

Since learning these Biblical and practical strategies we’ve been able to:

      • Bring my wife home to be a stay at home mom
      • Quit my day job to pursue the dreams God has placed in my heart
      • Be free from financial worry, stress and anxiety
      • Stop living paycheck to paycheck, no more barely scraping by!
      • Create simple, online businesses that bring in thousands and thousands of dollars each month

And now I’m passionate about teaching YOU how to achieve these same results!

I truly believe, that with the right blueprint, coaching, and mindset, you too can be making 10K a month.

That’s why I’ve compiled all these lessons into a thorough “How to” Guide that I want to give you for free below.

First I’ll walk you through the lessons I’ve learned over the years starting with God’s foundational principles for increase outlined in the Bible.

Second Then I’ll take you step by step how to make right financial decisions, learn my “anti-budget system” and develop an increase mindset.

Third, you’ll learn how I created a simple online income that has brought in as much as 22k in one month. And how anyone can get started creating wealth with the skills and talents you already have.

Copy My Blueprint for Making 10K a Month:

Step by step how to slash expenses, drastically increase your income, and invest to build real wealth.

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