How I make $400 for one hour of work. (Steal my idea!)

Even if you’re not techie, or not into websites, check out this post. This just may spark a great money-generating business idea for you!

Today I want to show you how you can use websites like to outsource a project, like creating a website, and turn this into a business opportunity.

A little while ago a friend asked if I would build a website for her new business.

At this time I currently am not into building websites but I wanted to help her out.

I quoted her a super low price of $450 to get this project done. I said we’d build a simple 3-4 page website and have it done in two weeks or so.

Now, normally I would dive in, start a new WordPress website, and get after it. But I wanted to document a guide for you that shows you how you can have a website built for $100 or less using a virtual team.

Think of this business model as though you were a homebuilder.

Let’s say a friend wanted to hire you to build their house.

They gave you the specs they wanted, they provided some floor plans they wanted theirs to be similar to, and said they would like to spend 200k to build the home.

You take a look at it and know that you should be able to get it done for about 150k.

Now your friends wouldn’t expect you to do EVERY aspect of the home building process yourself. They don’t expect you personally to level the dirt, lay the concrete, plumb the house, put in the insulation, install the granite countertops and roof the house.

No, they know you are the General Contractor for this project. You are going to hire out to your best concrete guys, granite guys, and roofing crew.

Your job is to simply deliver a product that makes your customers happy.

I want you to start seeing other opportunities from this new perspective. Let me show you how to build a website in the same manner.

Video walkthrough:

How anyone can get a website, app or project without any experience

(This is a detailed step by step video. If you’re busy and can’t watch it now, click below)

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Here’s the beautiful rendering I drew up for the website designer to go off of. You can attach a picture like this to your Upwork job posting:




The steps to get a website (or any project) built on

  1. Sign up for a Hostgator account and purchase your domain name: Here’s my Hostgator Affiliate link 
  2. Sign up for an acount on
  3. Find a website you’d like yours to be similar to. Even provide a sketch like mine above if needed.
  4. Post your project on Upwork and be as detailed as possible in the description of your particular job.
  5. Set the budget on your job and make so you pay in milestones. I set it up to release a $50 payment once the home page was finished, and the remaining $50 when the rest was done. (Note the $50 just goes into an escrow account. The person you hire doesn’t receive any money until you are completely happy – no risk)

Once you have posted your job on upwork (see the video) you will begin to get people come and apply for your job!

And just like that, you are your own virtual CEO.

You’ll get to look at their resume, their reviews, their portfolio of similar jobs and you can sift through the applicants and hire the person you think will be the best fit. You can ask them extra questions through their chat system or even do a quick video call right there in upwork.

It’s surprisingly easy and the people you hire can produce amazing results.

Take a quick look at the website that came out of this project:

It took maybe 2 days before he got the homepage designed and back to me. BUT here’s the thing…I had submitted that sketch and he followed it to the T. However, once I saw it, I realized I didn’t actually like it. So I found a competitor’s website in a far away state that I did really like and sent him that link.

I told him to make it look similar to this website but use different colors and different pictures.  And what he came up with was great! I basically gave him a good outline to follow and let him work his magic from there.

Overall it took maybe a week and half to get this done, it would have been faster but I was slow to get him the content for the text sections.

Now, I got all this done for $100, but realized I probably could get it done for closer to $50 next time.

Here’s how you can use this:


I want you to keep your eyes and ears open, looking for opportunity. It’s all around you. People need websites everywhere I go, I hear it over and over.

In my case, the convo went like this:

Friend: “Hey Trav, I need a website for my new business. Can you build it, or do you know someone who can?”

Me: Ya, I can do it. I normally charge at least 1k, but I’ll do yours for $450. (Which is true)

Friend: “Okay cool bro.”

There may have been a few more details there, but you get the gist!

I immediately went to and posted the job for all to see.

I sent her my hostgator affiliate link (I get $50 each time someone signs up, at no extra cost to the customer)

She sent me the logins to account she created.

I sifted through the applicants on Upwork, and hired the one with the best ratings and best looking website portfolio.

How I Made Money:

My friend paid me $450.

Hostgator paid me $50

I paid an Upwork guy -$100

Total profit: $400.

I probably put in a solid hour of work into this.

My friend was extremely happy! She got a great website at an extremely discounted price.

It didn’t take much of my time and I was compensated well.

And the person who built my site was happy to do what he loves and get paid for it. Besides, he did such a great job and had such great communication that I’ll probably use him again!

Be thinking along these lines:

  • Have an idea for an app? Sketch it out and find a developer on Upwork to create it.
  • Does your uncle’s business need a website? Have him hire you and then you go build a team on Upwork to do it.
  • Need a logo designed?
  • T-shirt design?
  • Need a photo retouched or photoshopped?
  • Have a big research project at school but want someone else to do the research? #jk #butseriously

I read about another entrepreneur who got paid to just to write research articles for the company he worked for. He outsourced these assignments so he could spend his time building his own business. The company eventually found out but they didn’t really care since the content he delivered was so good.

Be looking for opportunity, it’s all around you.

You don’t need to know how to do everything yourself, you just need to know how to find the people who can!

I know a lot of you are looking to start dropshipping businesses like the ones I have that bring in thousands of dollars each and every week.

I teach you the ins and outs of online business and how to create passive income in the Escape Your Day Job Course and Community, (including how to build your first site) but if you want to shortcut the learning process and have a pro build your website, then I would consider using Upwork for sure.

You can even use Upwork to have someone find products for you to sell that meet certain criteria. They can even help you research and test your business idea! They will edit photos/videos, write articles and design your site for a very reasonable price.

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