How We Gave $80,000 by Age 29

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In regards to money, if I were to ask you the question, is God your source? What would you say?

You would reply “Yes of course!” And if you have been around the Church scene for a while you would think of Philippians 4:19 which tells us, “My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus.”  That would make God your source right? He is THE supplier, and that includes money.

So why didn’t you give in the offering at your Church last night? 

No, really.

I need you to truly stop what you are doing and think about it. Find out the real reason you didn’t put anything in the offering bucket.

I know the answer, and so do you. In fact, there really is only one answer:

You think you can run out of money.

You think there is a limit on your finances. If you run out of what is in your wallet or bank account, or you lose your job, that’s it. No more is coming. You’re out. Broke.

But wait! You just said that you believe God is your source! That He supplies all your needs!

So why then didn’t you give in the offering at Church last night?

Let me explain: Several years ago I decided I was going to put something in the offering bucket at church every time it passed by. (Hey why not? It can’t hurt anything)

It started with whatever I had in my pocket, usually just a dollar, sometimes it was just change. I did that for a long while, giving cheerfully, but not necessarily thoughtfully, probably because it didn’t really feel like I gave anything since it was such a small amount.

At that point I decided to step it up and it went to five dollars. So I gave $5 every time the bucket went by. Not a huge amount, but when you attend or serve at 3-4 services a week, it starts to add up.

But then I noticed something.

It got easier.

Though I was giving more, and had been for a while now, I never noticed it in my bank account. It never seemed like my money was being depleted or decreasing.

I bumped it up to $10 for several months, maybe a year, and then up to $20. Then it went to $25 every time the bucket went by, this was above and beyond my tithes. And to be honest, sometimes it was hard (mentally-in the flesh) for me to give $25 bucks, so you know what I did when I got those thoughts? I give $26! Because I know the devil hates it when I trust God with my money, he hates when I sow extra seed because he knows a HUGE harvest of blessing is coming my way and he is doing all he can to get my mind off God and on my money. We now give $50 regularly in the offering. (And one day it will go up to $100!)

Here is what you must see: God works through us when we apply His word. (Check 2 Corinthians 9:6-12 in the AMP)

Over the past 4 years, my wife and I have given over $80,000 to the church, along with a few other opportunities and organizations. Crazy right?!   And you know what? Looking at my bank account I’ve never thought, “Oh I need to slow down on my giving, and start focusing on us more.” In fact, in spite of giving so much extra I’ve ALSO saved more money than I ever have before.  (When it comes to God and money, sometimes it’s best to just not do the math.)

As I look back on it now, I can see what God was doing. As my giving increases, so does my income. I now make far more money than I did when I started, I have multiple streams of income, and I now have multiple streams of giving.

But here is the thing; I didn’t notice big giant lump sums of money coming in, it wasn’t a dump truck of cash pouring on top of me. It was growth, little by little, raises here and there, my boss giving me bonuses for this and that, in fact, at the time, I didn’t even correlate the increase in giving with the increase of income. But now looking back, it is clear as day that is what He was doing.

Let’s just be real with each other. Finances are important. Money has to be near the top of your priority list if you want to truly impact the world. (You know it’s true!) So let’s make it a priority to get out  ahead where our money is concerned, let’s get out of debt so we can give bigger amounts of money and make a bigger impact on this earth.

In order to get this cycle of constant increase and constant financial growth you MUST give above and beyond your tithes. You MUST realize you can’t run out of money if you truly trust God as your Source and you listen to His instructions regarding money. Talk to Him about it today.

You gotta be bold to give big, most people won’t do it.

But then again, most people never get ahead of their money.

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