April 2015 Income Report

April 2015 Bigger


Hello my friends!

April 2015 was a fun month for sure.

As most of you know, in April we were hit with some large, unexpected expenses, combined with a large offering God placed on our hearts to give (About 15k went out of our accounts last month) – if you haven’t seen the video I made about it, you HAVE to watch it HERE.  It’s become one of my most shared pieces of content. It’ll help ya.

I do have some updates regarding our businesses you might find interesting:


TheNetGunStore.com: Though in April TheNetGunStore.com didn’t do as well as in March, I did hire a great, local company: U-Thrive Marketing  to redesign our website and really just take it to the next level.

It looks a MILLION times better and more professional and so far this month (May 2015) we’ve seen a significant increase in sales. Totally worth the investment of $1,800. 

I plan on hiring them next month to do all of my online marketing for me. I’ll keep you updated on that as well.

Insurance Websites: We saw a little increase here mainly because my old boss called me and asked if I could help them out answering some phone calls and do some inbound marketing (when customers call, I find them the lowest insurance rates and get them in our office) – I don’t mind doing this, I do it from home, and it’s just a few sporadic hours per week. Actually been kinda fun, and a nice little financial blessing too!

BlessedBeforeBirth.com: Same amount as last month, this is the website and audio download my wife and I created that tackles the top 10 fears of pregnant women and combats them with scripture. It also shows you how to speak life over your baby while it’s still in the womb. We still have it set at the “pay what you want” model…which does lead to people paying $0 for it. But that’s okay! It’s downloaded all over the world and helping families, so I’m cool with it.

Rental Property: In April we were able to refinance the rental property, which is going to be awesome going forward. Although I hate mortgages, this refinance has lowered my monthly payments down to $977 a month, which means I now profit $223 per month, as opposed to $60 a month previously. Boom.

God brought this blessing to me for sure. Normally a rental property refinance requires 20% of the house’s value as a down payment. Well one day, the mortgage company called and said they have a new mortgage product they can use to refi my rental property. I ended up bringing about $1,187.46 to the closing table for the refi.

I’m happy and thankful for this blessing, but ultimately I’m still believing to have this home completely paid off as well.

Increase Academy: The Increase Academy is my online course that I am really excited about. I didn’t promote it much in April, hence the low number, but May’s numbers are much better (you’ll see next month) I’m starting to get the word out about it more, and more, and have already received some GREAT testimonials!

If you haven’t yet, I implore you to at least take a look at the Increase Academy, I think it has something to offer everyone, click here: Increase Academy

For more details on each business, check out last month’s income report.

Let’s look at the numbers from April 2015:

TheNetGunStore.com : $5,906.43 (-$2409.42 from last month) Click here to learn more about making an online income

Insurance Websites: $2,099 (+$449 from last month)

Blessed Before Birth: $14

Rental Property: $1,200 

Increase Academy: $27

Other Income: $1,800

April 2015 Gross Income: $11,046.43

Business Expenses: -$4,284.99 (This is mainly the cost of product for TheNetGunStore as well as some monthly website tools)

Rental property Refi: -$1,187.46

Website Redesign: -$1,800.00

April 2015 Total Profit: $3,773.98 (-$3,404.80)

Onward and Upward!

As you can see, we were down quite a bit from last month, but no worries! Those extra business expenses cost more upfront, but they will bring more profit starting in May and going forward. Sometimes you really do have to spend money to make money.

Paying off the home: We didn’t make as much damage to the mortgage as we would like this month, but we are now down to: $120,872.33

That is honestly not a big number, and I believe it will be gone in no time.

Other Big Stuff Poppin’

BIG NEWS: At the end of April we launched the FaithLifeMoney Podcast!

Faith Life Money Podcast2

It’s been going great, a ton of fun! We launched with 4 episodes:

  • About the FaithLifeMoney podcast
  • “Why isn’t my giving working?”
  • “I thought I’d be further along in life by now.” – most popular episode in April
  • “What to do when things seem hopeless.”

With each of my podcast episodes, I take a topic, break it down, then we talk out how to combat your situation with God’s word, and then HOW to actually walk it out, what it actually looks like in real life.

Just like my blog, I keep it transparent and full of action steps and “How to’s.”

Plus I often include free downloads and bonus materials like Increase Confession Sheets and Action Steps from each lesson.

Check out the podcast here on the website

Or subscribe in itunes here.

It’s already climbed the “New and Noteworthy” charts in both the Christian and Business categories! God is good!

So keep hanging out with me, check out the podcast, leave me a review, and if you’re not on my Updates email list, click below.

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“How to Make the Best Financial Decision – EVERY TIME” and Podcast Episode 8: “Activating God’s Promise: All My Needs Are Met”

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