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As Christians, we have THE advantage when it comes to finances. The Bible is FULL of wisdom, lessons, strategies and action steps for Financial Increase. Click below, I’m going to teach you how to activate them.

What to Do When You Can’t Afford to Tithe

Ever had that thought? Sure, we all have. But let’s take a closer look the situation.



Are You Spending Your Tax Refund Like a Poor Person?

No, I’m not hating on poor people (read the post and you’ll understand!) but there are some interesting habits and mindsets that the wealthy operate in.



The Completely MISUNDERSTOOD Parable of the Talents.

What the bible actually teaches about how to handle God’s money. (You haven’t heard this before)



instructions-toprosperInstructions to Prosper.

Has the answer to your financial struggles been there the whole time? 



blessing-blockersAre You Blocking Your Own Blessing?

If you feel like you’re not living the “Blessed life” then check these 5 things.




Why You Should STOP Mowing Your Lawn!

One of the best investments I’ve ever made, for more than one reason.



Is Being Frugal Actually Keeping You Broke?

Being frugal may be necessary for a season, but unless you avoid these mistakes, you may actually be keeping yourself broke.



Productivity hack 1

The Most Powerful Productivity Hack (You’ve Never Heard Of)

Check out this new way of getting stuff done that has really helped me “move the needle” in my businesses. 



Biz Partner 2 (1)How My New Business Partner Made Me An Extra $59k Last Month.

A very interesting partnership that has turned out to be quite profitable for everyone.



May 2016 Income Report a May 2016 Personal Income Report 

God is so good. We broke our previous record thanks to my new business partner. I once heard someone say that when your yearly salary becomes your monthly salary, that’s the beginning of building wealth.


Step by Step Strategy You Can Use to Make Well Over $400 an Hour

Here’s a detailed walkthrough of how to use in a way that helps people and puts cash in your pocket.



March 2016 Income Report b

March 2016 Personal Income Report: One year of income reports!

See how far we’ve came from one year ago. Also a cool story of how helping someone else start a side income, gave us a new income stream as well!



250k book 2The 250k Book and Why You Should Read It

This will change the way you look at books from now on.



Do These A

Do These 5 Things and You Will Have More Money

I’ve compiled five faith-based steps that are guaranteed to cause your income to rise.

February 2016February 2016 Personal Income Report:

Another big month! One of my income streams doubled and we launched a new business. You don’t want to miss the details on this one.

MONEY DOES 2Money DOES Grow On Trees

You just have to know how to get it. (This post could change your entire financial life)

January 2016aMy Personal Income Report for January Plus Updates

I’ll make you read it to see the total…but it’ll be worth it!

How to Stop The Plans of the Enemy

This lesson will guide you through his strategies and HOW to shut him down!

Dont like your job 3What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Job

Can’t tolerate one more day at your work? Here’s what you can do.

Fiverr Formula 1How I made $1,354 in my first month on

A step by step guide ANYONE can use to create a healthy side income – Copy my formula

September 2015aMy Personal Income Report for September 2015 (Biggest so far!)

See how we made $28,705.35 in one month.

imagesIncrease Your Income with This Mindset Shift

You’re becoming an expert at something, but is it the RIGHT thing?

crazy-house1The REAL Reason Your Money is Tight Right Now

If your circumstances are keeping you in a financial struggle – YOU NEED THIS.

two dogsSpiritual Life Struggling?

Run this test and it will get you out of your rut.

VS.A Good Steward? Or Just Being Cheap?

Once again, I thought I had a concept down only to find out I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG.

Should You Give Your Money to the 2Should You Give Your Hard Earned Money to the Homeless?

Most Christians have a very strong viewpoint on this topic. This may just change your opinion.

new_business_thoughtsThe BEST Way to Get a Job and Make Money

When I learned about living life “On Assignment” my life went to the next level.

Jesus,Jesus, the Successful Entrepreneur

The first time someone told me that Jesus was poor, I thought,  “That can’t be right.”

The RIGHT Way 2The RIGHT Way to Lend Money to Friends

And how to not hate them when they don’t pay you back…


They say, “Money is the Root of All Evil.”

But they’ve never thought about it like this before.

11703182_10154043076039046_2925010967484185913_nHeart Broken Again? Do this…

Years ago God showed me how to date without getting my heart broken.

Does God care about my wants 2God Meets My Needs, But What About My Wants?

Ever struggle with the notion that God will give us things we desire too?

33 Things I Learned From Making 192K Last Year

The coveted $100,000 mark. Get an inside look of what it’s really like.

4 REASONS4 Reasons We Should Never Move for Money

Job offer in another city? Thinking of moving?  Consider this FIRST.

Stop Toiling for a Living.Stop Toiling for a Living

Does your day job leave you drained, exhausted, and down? Here’s why, and WHAT to do 

about it.

No DebtNo Debt Needed: A Better Way to Live

Before you make a major purchase, you HAVE to hear this: (It’s nothing like you’ve heard before)

Why I Tithe1 (3)Why I Tithe.

An in-depth, honest look at this controversial topic.

April 2015Our Personal Income Report: April 2015

Check out the latest numbers as well as some interesting updates!

AllMyNeedsMet1Activating God’s Promises: ALL My Needs Are Met.

God has promised to meet ALL our needs, including financially. Then why doesn’t it seem like it’s working?

Activating God's Promise SMALLERActivating God’s Promise of Increase.

If you only listen to ONE FaithLifeMoney podcast make it this one.

THE REAL RISK IS WAITING.What’s the Biggest Risk of All?  Waiting.

Follow This Formula to Overcome Fear and Step Out Today!

How to Handle a Large

 How to Handle a Large, Unexpected Expense in Faith

If there is one weapon to add to your faith arsenal, it’s this one.

My Personal Income Report: March 2015

Learn exactly how much money we made, and how we made it. Show me the money!

Paying Off My House, Paying Off Your

Paying Off Houses and Escaping Day Jobs.

Does paying your house off seem impossible? Not any more.

Why I Spend $150 on Dinner.

What God taught me about how to have Best of the Best.

3 Steps to Cure Your Bank Account Blues.

Bank account got you down? Click Here and turn that around

Retired at 30a

How I Retired at Age 30 (And How You Can Too)

“Retiring” allows you to live the life you’ve dreamed about.  Let me show you how to get there…

How (1)

Make The BEST Financial Decision EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

This may be my most important lesson so far…Click Here to Read

Are You Missing (2)Why Isn’t the Money Coming?

How to Never Miss God’s Provision Again Click Here to Read 

80k 3How We GAVE $80,000 By Age 29

Learn the EXACT promises of God we activated that caused financial abundance!

Click Here to Read 

How to Punch a Cold in the FaceHow to Punch a Cold in the Face (And NOT Miss Work)

Let’s face it, some days we feel like crap…Click Here to Read 

breakingbad_skylerwaltmoneyThe ONLY Way to Grow Your Savings Account (The Storehouse Principle)

Had the same $200 in your savings account for the last 2 years? Let’s change that…Click Here to Read 

financial_decision_makingEVERYTHING You Need to Know About Tithing.

What EXACTLY is it? Does it work? Do we have to do it? Click Here to Read 

Quick Start Guide to Financial Increase.

A quick email series that will get you on the path to increase today! Click Here to Grab It