What To Do About Your Bank Account Blues


So you’ve got yourself a little savings account going. Great job, it’s the only way to get ahead financially.

You’re tithing the first 10% of your gross income and then putting the next 10% straight into savings before you do anything else.

Keep this up and you’ll be ballin’ in no time.

But I need you to check one thing, well actually, God needs you to check one thing:

Are you saving money, or hoarding money?

I’m sure everyone answered with – saving money.

Easy question right?


Well, there is a difference: You save money with a purpose in mind. Money is meant to be spent. It’s there for a reason, a use, a purpose.

People hoard money out of fear. They fear they will lack, or they fear they will lose what they have.

Remember the parable of the talents? Who was the only guy who got in trouble?

The guy who hid his money out of fear. (He also lost what little he tried to hold on to)

Money is a tool, it is a seed to be sown in order to produce something. It does absolutely no good just sitting in a savings account.

Reasons to “save” money:

  • For getting out of debt
  • Paying off a car or credit card.
  • Christmas presents for friends and family
  • Down payment on a house,
  • An “emergency fund”
  • A special offering God has directed you to give.
  • Back to the Future Hoverboard that will be released to the public soon…

There must be a reason for your savings account.

If you don’t have a current goal in mind for your money right now that’s okay, but you must be open to spend it as God directs you.

Now, here is the question you must answer to determine if you are saving money or if you are actually a money hoarder:

Is your happiness affected when you see the amount of money in your bank account? 

Go and check your account right now if you haven’t recently.

Do you truly become happier when there is a large amount of money in there?

Or even more common, does it bum you out when you see how little money is in your savings?

Think about it, whenever you have an opportunity at church to give something extra, or maybe you feel prompted to buy someone’s dinner, or bless someone and pay their rent this month, does it throw your mood off a little bit as you imagine your savings account getting smaller and smaller?

When God directs you to give a piece of money, do you consult with your bank account first?

Or maybe it makes you mad when from time to time you have to dip into your savings to fix your car or buy a new fridge or something unexpected pops up. That nauseous feeling comes over you along with the thought, “Ugh, I’m never going to get ahead!”

Trust me, I know.

This is something I have to constantly remind myself of.

If you have attached your emotions to your bank account, this reveals two hard truths:

1. You have made money an idol.

An idol is anything that you turn to as your source of happiness, value, or self worth.

In the same way people turn to drugs or alcohol to find happiness, you turn to your bank account, work, or business.

You should go to God and God alone to find happiness, value, and self-worth. He is the true source of your happiness and joy.

2. You don’t truly trust God as your supplier. (gasp!)

If you are scared to use your savings account or “cushion,” it is because you think you can run out of money.

You think it can be depleted, and at some point you will have to go to it for help, and the money won’t be there.

You have put your trust in money, and not in God. Don’t turn to money, turn to God.

If you truly believe God’s Word such as Philippians 4:19 then you would know that you can always turn to God for help when you need finances and He will provide for you every time.

If you truly believed that God supplies for you every time, you wouldn’t get upset when you have to dip into your savings. (Remember, God supplied the money in your savings account in the first place. He put it there for you to use!)

Establish that in your heart. It will change your life.

Proverbs 11:28 says, “Trust in money and down you go! But the righteous flourish like leaves in spring.” (Implying that the righteous DON’T put their trust in money, and they flourish!)

If you need to see a large number in your bank account to feel at peace, then you have put your trust in money.

I’ve told myself many times, “Seriously Travis, are you are going to let a number in a bank account control you? It’s up to your bank account if you have a good day or not?!”

I am determined to not live that way.

Now, I am not saying this is easy by any means.

It is something you will have to work on quite often. I myself have not yet perfected it, but I get better each time I have the chance.

The Unexpected Bill.

Case in point, on last year’s go around with our taxes, an unexpected thing happened that was out of my control and long story short, I owed $3,247.53.

Bummer right?

Well that was my first thought anyway. But I knew I had to spin this into a positive, I knew this was a faith test and I needed to consider this an opportunity for joy (James 1:2-4) because on the other side, I would be blessed and better for it.

I know that when things like this come at me, I must immediately combat them with God’s word.

3 Steps to Cure the Blues:

After whining in my brain for about 30 seconds, I recognized that the devil was trying to steal my joy.

So put into action the following steps:

1. I flipped my mindset, instead of being bummed that I was losing $3,247.53 I started thanking God that I had that much in my savings account!

Hey, God had provided for me long ago, He knew this was coming – Thanks God!

2. Be conscious that you are “sowing seed.” I made the decision that I am no longer “paying taxes” but instead I am sowing seed!

Our taxes are used to fix roads, pay salaries for city workers, and fund schools (my wife works at a school!)…I am sowing seed and blessing my city and my country, (and my wife!) and God rewards me for that!

I’ve even heard Christians tell me they won’t be at church this week because they are trying to “save gas” in their cars. What a ridiculous statement. But from now on, you’re not “using gas” you are sowing seed! You are sowing seed toward that church event, outreach, or friend you are going to see.

3. I kept a thankful heart. I didn’t complain about it, I didn’t whine to others about the situation, I just kept on thanking God for meeting my needs and giving me more than enough.

(In fact I thanked Him out loud for the entire drive home from the tax office!) I didn’t let it phase me. I know that God is my supplier and I am not ever going to run out of money as long as I am a tither, a giver, and in financial covenant with Him.

Oh, and this incident happened right at the same time that God had laid it on our heart to give $3,000 towards a special offering at our church. No big deal. In the grand scheme of things, it does not matter if its $60 or $6,000, God is still the provider, my trust must be in Him only.

He is the source of my money, not my job, not my boss, not my parents, just God.

I promise, if you can get this into your spirit and truly establish it on the inside of you, if you make it your “default setting,” you will never have a real money issue again.

This went down in April/May/June of last year and it wiped out the majority of our savings account at the time.

By July 1st of that year we had over $10,000 in our savings account.

God quickly replenished and multiplied the seed we had sown, -and more is on the way!

I tried to run the numbers and figure out where all the money came from, because in the natural, it did not make sense. (But that happens a lot with God)

One last point: It is not wrong or bad to have money set aside for emergencies or things like that. In fact, make sure you do, it is wise. Just don’t get bummed when you need to use it. That’s what it’s there for.

Have a savings account, just be prepared to use it as God directs you.

Question: When’s the last time you had to dip in to your savings? And how did it make you feel?

Let me know below!

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  1. This was great advice! Similar to your story, my wife and I recently owed more in taxes than anticipated and we dipped into our savings to cover it. This blog was a great reminder that we not only had the money in our savings account to cover it – But also the reason we owed more money was because we MADE more money. And God supplied the money for our need before we even had it. For that, we are truly thankful!

  2. Yo Trav! Had to dip into our savings to launch my new web design business, and while it was a little scary and kinda made me sick to my stomach, I know that God had called me to do it. It’s been awesome to see God’s hand on the business and his continued faithfulness in our lives ever since we made that leap of faith. Great post bro!

    • That’s great man, God always supplies, and even though it can seem crazy at times – He ALWAYS comes through – every single time. And on the other side of the challenge, you’ll be in a better position than when you started.

    • Glad it helped Mike! I constantly remind myself that HE is our source (I often speak it out loud) it helps keep my faith built up, and keeps me in a place of joy and peace until I see His provision come through.

  3. Good read! Some of the points hit home with me because I hate every time we have to pull money out of our emergency fund for, well…an emergency. (Haha, isn’t that ironic?) Internally I despise it. But believing God for money to pay for our wedding last Summer and watching almost $20,000 come in less than a year should be a big enough reminder that He ALWAYS provides!

    • You’re absolutely right Katie, and He will ALWAYS provide no matter how small or big the issue is. (Like a wedding!) I have to remind myself often that He provided the money in the emergency fund in the first place. He knew what was up ahead. We often forget that He can provide for us ahead of time too.

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