Do I Tithe Off of My Tax Return?

A question I hear quite often is “Do I tithe off my tax return?”

Ideally you have already tithed off this money when you received it in your paychecks. Remember this is merely a tax refund. It’s being refunded to you, it’s something owed back to you by the government.

Personally, I would get with the Lord and ask Him for further instruction. Ask Him, “Lord, thank you for blessing us with this extra money, I have already tithed off of it earlier, what would you like me to do with it?” And let Him lead you from there.

That being said, if you haven’t tithed off your paychecks or maybe you are new to tithing, it would be a great idea to tithe off your income tax returns.

It will never hurt to give above and beyond, I suggest using your income tax returns to sow a financial seed for the future, or use it to invest in something. Check out the video for a couple of ideas.

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