February 2016

It’s been another great month of taking new ground!

And really that’s what it’s all about. Making progress, taking ground, advancing. We’re not here to just make money, we are here to leave a mark, we all have a dream inside us – so you might as well go for it!

I’m here to help Christians live a life of increase and purpose. And I have found that in most cases that revolves around starting a business. The majority of people I speak with have a business idea or dream they wish they were pursuing.

That’s why I created “The Fast Track to $500 per Month” online course. To help Christians start a simple, online business and get them pointed in the right direction so they can take new ground!

I’ve opened this online course up to a small segment of those on my email list and I’m already getting some great feedback. But more on this in a minute.

Let’s get to the real reason why you’re here…

Let’s look at the numbers from February 2016:

TheNetGunStore.com :  $18,325.70

Insurance Websites: $3,346 (Doubled from past months! My goal was 3k per month)

Rental Property:  $3,800 (Tenants blessed me with their tax return money to catch me up for past money owed)

Other Income: $1,800

“The Fast Track to $500 per Month” Online Course: $291 (Released to a small group to test and get feedback)

BlessedBeforeBirth.com/Ebooks and resources on FaithLifeMoney.org: About $30-$40 a month

February 2016 Total Gross Income: $27,562.70

Business Expenses: -$11,790.46 =  (This is mainly the cost of product for TheNetGunStore.com, monthly website tools, and rental property investment)

Website Marketing Company: -$400

Website Advertising with Google: -$500

February 2016 Total Profit: $14,872.24

House update: We owe just $116, 119.86

New tactic I want you to check into that speeds up paying off your house: A new thing I’ve been doing is each time I make a sale I immediately tithe 10%, then I put 10% in savings, and now I put 10% in a third account that I use to pay down the principle on the house mortgage. I then go into my mortgage company’s website and make a “principle only” payment. So I make lots of little payments on it throughout the week. This does MAJOR damage to your mortgage. -It’s worth checking into.


What was different this month?

First off, I was pumped to see the insurance websites go above 3k. That’s been my goal for about a year now.

I wish I could say my amazing online marketing skills and knowledge got me there, but it was really God. (My skillset did play a small part) I’ve been hovering around the $1500 per month range for a year or more and God basically just laid this increase in my lap. (God’s grace = His unmerited, unearned favor)

The owner of the insurance company I do online marketing for obtained a new territory and I simply applied my marketing formula mixing Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization (How to rank high in Google) and website knowledge to this new territory and pretty fast…BOOM! The income doubled. God is good!

Rental property: I’ve had the same great tenants living there for more than three years now. Over that time period there has been quite a few months where they didn’t have the full amount they owed me. The family living there has great integrity and has kept diligent tabs on how much they owed me. I honestly haven’t. (See Matthew 6:12 AMP)

So this year when their tax return came around, they gave me $3,800 which, according to their records, is the total they owed me over the past few years. This was a huge blessing not only for me, but apparently it was a huge blessing for the father living there as well. It has bugged him all these years that they “owed” me so much. He was SO happy to bless me with this, even though I’ve never pressured him or even brought it up before. God is good!

Onto the thing I’m most excited about:

The Fast Track to $500 per Month online course went live!

Fast track home page

Sneak peak of the Fast Track to $500 menu

I’ve had a handful of people purchase the course at an “early adopter” price. This has been a lot of fun since one of the perks to being an early adopter is that you get to dive in and help me shape the course.

At the time of this posting, the course is about 90% done. It has over 30 training videos, lessons and walkthroughs that cover everything you need to know to get your online business up, running, and generating money.

As an early adopter, you get full access to the course and then I invite you to let me know what you think would make the course even better! People are requesting this and that, lessons or a video on this topic etc…It’s been great and people are already beginning to launch their businesses.

You’ll even get to go behind the scenes with me as I take a new product idea, develop it, validate the idea to make sure it will be profitable and that people actually want it, find a supplier for the product, and then build a website around it.

I basically walk you through the same formula I used on The Net Gun Store which, as you saw, did over $18,000 in sales this month.

IF you are like most of the people I talk with, you have a business idea. I believe you owe it to yourself to at least explore the possibilities and learn just how simple creating an online income can be. (People think it’s hard – but I promise you it’s not!)

I implore you, sign up for my FREE course below and watch the video. It just might spark the idea you need to take action on that brings your financial increase.

From there you’ll learn more about “The Fast Track to $500 per Month” course and all the bonuses that come with it.

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