How My New Business Partner Made Me an Extra $59k Last Month

If you’ve been following my blog and podcast for any length of time, you know that a lot of my income comes from our drop shipping businesses.

I’m a big fan of the drop shipping method since it’s so easy to get started and can have such high profit margins. That’s why I teach my students that they should start with a drop shipping business first.

Over the years, our business has steadily grown, but I felt like it was time to start believing God for exponential and explosive growth. That this would be the year that things take off and go to the next level.

These thoughts came at an interesting time because our church had begun a capital campaign to raise money to do some improvements to our campus and to launch new churches. And if you know me at all, this is something I can get very excited about.

Our Pastor asked us to pray and seek the Lord as to what we are to give towards this campaign, and commit to it for the next 2 years. So my wife and I began to pray, “Lord what is our part to play here? What would you have us commit to each month?”

Each time I would pray, something I heard Kenneth Copeland say a few years back kept flashing into my mind. I just couldn’t seem to shake it.

In one of his messages, almost in passing, he said, “You business owners out there, what if you decided that you were going to give God 51% of all that came in? That would make God the controlling shareholder of your business!”

Sure, that’s a nice thought and all, but who would actually do that?!

I kept praying, “Lord how much should we give? $1,000 a month? $2,000 a month?” I kept trying to reason out Kenneth Copeland’s voice…


Oh, that wasn’t God, that was just me. Sure I like Kenneth Copeland’s story but that’s crazy.

Really God, how much? Just tell me and I’ll do it.


I realized I’d hit my choking point of faith.

Committing to giving an extra 1k, even an extra 2k a month seemed doable. It might be a little tough, but definitely doable. Every time I thought about giving 51% of my profits back to the Lord, I’d choke a little bit.

51% is uncomfortable…

It’s hard…

It doesn’t make sense…

It seems crazy…

No one would actually do that…right?



Okay, I’m in.

Let’s do this.

It took me about a month to dig down deep enough, know for sure this was God, and put my whole heart behind this commitment.

(Sidenote: Obviously it was God. The devil is never going to tempt you to be more generous, or give more to the church!)

Oh, but wait. Lord I need my wife to be in complete agreement with us on this too! Surely, she’ll talk some sense into me…

“Hey Rach, what do you think about giving 51% of the profits from our main income stream to God for the next two years?”

“Yep, I’m in – let’s do it!”

Okay then…Well, here we go.

The minute I made the final decision to give 51% of the profits to the Lord, an excitement and a supernatural peace came on me. I’ve had this feeling before and I knew, that I knew, that I knew… everything was gonna be alright.

During that month of seeking the Lord, God showed me that if I gave 51% of my company to Him, and make Him my Business Partner, not only would He take that business to the next level, but all my other businesses would increase like never before too.

In April, we gave our first “51%” check to the Lord. It was over $3,000.

Less than a month later, my new “Business Partner” brought in our biggest sale to date: $59,900. (About 20k of that is profit)

I remember receiving an email from a government agency asking for a quote on a large order of our products. Now, I get these requests about every month or two but for some reason I’d never get the sale. They’d ask for a bid, I’d give them a bid, then never hear from them again. Happened like that for years.

So this time I didn’t think much of it. I’d seen these before, I’ll give my quote, if it happens great, if not, no big deal.

But then I remembered I have a new Business Partner!

I said to the Lord, “Alright Lord, you’re my business partner, you know more than me, if you want this deal to go through, give me the exact number to quote them at, and open the doors necessary for this to go through. If you think this is a bad deal, then shut the door. I don’t want any part of it.”

I priced the quote like He told me to, and just in case He needed a push, I reminded Him that 51% on this big sale would be a nice chunk of change towards funding His new church launches!

We got the sale.

Not only did we get the sale, but we’re in talks with two other distributors that can get our products into the hands of a lot more customers.

New doors of opportunities have opened up in our other business ventures too. As those develop I’ll keep you posted in our monthly income reports so you can continue to follow along as this exciting journey continues.

I noticed one other interesting aspect that came about from my new business partnership: I found myself quite often, talking to God like He was in the room with me and having discussions with Him like He truly was my business partner just sitting there at the end of the table.

Whenever a speed bump or obstacle came along in the sales process, I’d say things like, “Hey, You’re a better salesman than me, I know You’ll push this through and close the sale.” Or “Now that you own the majority of my company, I know You’ll go out there and bring us in more sales and more business than we’ve ever had before.” Whenever I’d say something like that, any potential stress or worry would just melt away.

When it comes to business (and life in general) I often go to Proverbs 3:5-6:

“Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths.”

That’s all I was doing. Just leaning on Him. Being completely confident He would handle the details in our business ventures. My job was to simply do what He told me to do.

I’ve always given God permission to operate and direct me in all my business and life ventures, but a whole new mindset shift happened when I committed to God 51% of my main revenue producing business.

Remember, as a Christian entrepreneur, our WHOLE entire purpose is to bring in money to fund and further God’s Kingdom. And that can be an easy thing to forget once you have a wife and kids, or start to see some success and see your bank accounts grow.

Once I truly shifted my mind over to that goal, we got our biggest sale ever. More profit in one sale than I’ve previously made in an entire year. But even more exciting than that is the big fat check I got to write to my church!

I truly believe that one of the greatest ways to measure success is not how much money you keep, but how much money you give away. I know that sounds cliche and corny, but think about it, there’s not a better legacy you can leave than your generosity.

Your generosity will outlive you. The Bible says God’s Children will be known for their generosity, not how much money they hoarded up. The seeds you sow will impact your children and your children’s children.

And hey, since we are down here for just a short period of time, why don’t we just get crazy with our generosity?!

What if you partnered with God on your next venture?

You don’t have to do the 51% thing, that was my personal instructions.

But I want you to consider what life would look like if you shifted your mindset towards truly making God your financial partner .

Just think about it, what’s the worst that could happen?

You might just make the most money you’ve ever made.

You might also give the most money you’ve ever given.

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