How to Be the Devil’s Worst Nightmare


What is the devil’s worst nightmare?

I’ll tell you what the devil’s worst nightmare is.

It’s a tongue talking, Bible believing, spirit filled, mountain moving, man of faith… WITH MONEY!

There are a lot of people who have the first part down, but without the money, you won’t be able to do much, you’ll be limited.

Think about it, it takes money to do outreaches, to build churches, to buy Bibles, to send missionaries, to feed the hungry, to help the poor. To film powerful videos, to send medicine, to deliver goods to disaster areas, to drill water wells in Haiti, to build new houses, to travel and spread the Gospel to the four corners of the earth. It simply takes money to help people.

If you want to really do some damage to the devil and his cohorts, you have to change some things in your brain.

Think about it like this, if you can barely pay your own bills, living paycheck to paycheck,  how can you pay someone else’s bills? If you can barely afford to put food on the table, how can you put food on someone else’s?  Can’t keep a roof over your head? Then you can’t keep a roof over the head of those in need.

If all you have is just enough to meet the needs of you and your family, and you’re content with that, then I have news for you. Not only are you in poverty, but you’re selfish.  (Harsh right?!)

I’ve actually heard people pray to God and ask Him to give them just what they need and no more, so they will stay humble.  When I hear that, I want to give them a humble fist in their face, (metaphorically) because basically they don’t want to help others, just themselves and their family.

I understand what I am saying here sounds offensive, and I’m sure it will make some people mad, but I’m okay with that because I want you to know and understand that we were not put here on earth for ourselves.  The brother of Jesus said here in his book, James 1:27  “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

Do you want to REALLY care for the widows? Then pay off their mortgage, pay off their car loans and credit card debts their husbands left them, make sure they have enough groceries to feed their families. The orphans will need a college fund, they will need someone to pay for their cub scout uniform and JV football gear.

In most cases, the newly widowed woman must go back to work to provide for her family. Her spouse just died and now she has to look for a job?! Give her a job at one of the companies you own, let her stay for free in one of your apartment complexes.

No matter what the devil throws our way, the blessing on our life covers it – and there is nothing the devil hates more than when he realizes his attacks are useless!

I can almost hear what you’re thinking right now, “I don’t need money to help, I can spend time with the widows and be a shoulder for them to cry on, and showing them love is more important than money.”  Okay great, do that. I’m with ya, show the love, but I’ll be honest with you, that’s not the devil’s worst nightmare. That’s a pesky fly, buzzing in his ear. Sure it’s there, but in the long run, it’s not doing much damage.

Make the choice today, right now, that you are going to tower over that pathetic creature we call the devil. Know that when you speak God’s Word it has the same power as when Jesus Christ Himself speaks it! Intimidate the devil, not the other way around!

Okay, ready to move from pesky fly to devil’s worst nightmare?

1. GET YO MIND RIGHT. Click on this scripture- 2 Corinthians 9:8 in the Amplified bible. Study it, meditate on it, read it slowly, stand on it. Our mission is clearly to help others, remind God that He promised to give us all we need and MORE so that we can pay our bills, take care of our families AND STILL give to every good work and charitable donation.

Deep down everybody wants that, they just have a hard time seeing past their current circumstances, saying this scripture out loud will get you over that.

2. INCREASE. If you are living month to month, paycheck to paycheck, hand to mouth, don’t be cool with that.  You are living in poverty and bondage because essentially you are a slave to your job. Don’t let your paycheck become your source. If you lose that job then you’ll go under financially.

Link up with God, tithe, make HIM your source, and hold Him to His word. Stand on Deuteronomy 8:18 and Isaiah 48:17  to gain wealth.

3. SPEAK GOD’S WORD! When you do, satan panics. See, to him it is exactly the same as if God were speaking those words. God’s word is full of power, and when that word is spoken, it makes stuff happen! Mark 11:22-24 shows us the power of “saying.”

4. KNOW YOUR ROLE! Ephesians 2:6 Shows us that God raised us up with Jesus and seated us WITH HIM in the heavenly realms. This means we are in a place of authority! We share a seat with Christ up on the throne! God has given us the same authority He gave Jesus and if you know what’s good for ya, you’ll use it.

The devil hates it when we get money, especially in large quantities, because money is a tool. Money itself is neither good nor evil, it’s all in HOW it is used.

Put money in the right person’s hands and he will build something that will change the world for good and destroy satan’s plans at the same time! Satan knows this, why do you think money is the most attacked area in a Christian’s life? For the past 200 years he has tricked most of the church into believing that being poor = being humble. And we believed him!

Well not anymore, as the children of the Most High, we are going to join together and use money as a weapon and kick the devil’s butt.  He knows that a  tongue talking, Bible believing, spirit filled, mountain moving, man of faith – WITH MONEY, can do anything!