Income Reports

Personal Income Reports

(Exactly how much we made, and HOW we made it)


These have become some of my most popular content her on the FLM blog. My intent behind these income reports is not to brag, but is to inspire, encourage, and teach you that it is possible to make a full time income online, and create the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.


May 2016 Income Report a

May 2016: Record numbers this month! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one. You’ll also want to read about my new business partner and how it made us an extra $59K.


March 2016 Income Report a

March 2016: One year of income reports! See how our numbers compare from one year ago.  This one also features a cool story of how helping someone else start a side income, ended up creating another income stream for us as well! 


February 2016

February 2016: Another big month! One of my income streams doubled and we launched a new business. You don’t want to miss the details on this one.


January 2016aJanuary 2016 Income Report: What I’m up to and new ways we’re making an online income. (Plus I talk briefly about selling on Amazon and other experiments)


September 2015a To date, this was our biggest month ever! (More money came in this month than I used to make in a year – All glory to God for real)


April 2015

Check out our money-making strategies and how we are making a full time income from working our side businesses at home.


March 2015 (1)The income report that started it all. I hope this will encourage you. When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, other online marketers would post their income reports and it got me fired up!