January 2016 Income Report

Jan 2016 Bigger

Here we go again!

I know these are some of my most popular posts, and they should be! Everyone likes peeking into other people’s financial lives. (Whether you’ll admit it or not!)

I’ll try to keep posting these once a month, but lately they’ve been more like once a quarter, so I apologize for that!

My heart behind these income reports is to inspire and encourage you. Not to brag or show off in anyway. Plus I don’t feel like I can brag since God has given me all the success…it’s really not me! I never would have picked to make an online business out of selling net guns!

And honestly I hope these income reports kick you in the butt a little bit, because trust me, if I can do this, ANYONE can do this.

Let’s look at the numbers from January 2016:

TheNetGunStore.com :  $15,641.41

Insurance Websites: $1,870

Rental Property:  $800 (Tenants were short this month…)

Other Income: $1,836

BlessedBeforeBirth.com (If you know any pregnant Christians, send them here! It’s an audio confession download that eliminates the top 10 fears of pregnancy) – I make a couple bucks from this. I offer it as a “pay what you want” model…most people pay $0. But I’m cool with it, it literally gets downloaded all over the world each and every month. I might get $15-$20 a month.

I also added a new “Resources” page here on FLM that allows you to download my ebooks. Check it here if you haven’t yet. -That has generated a little bit of extra $.

January 2016 Total Gross Income: $20,547.41

Business Expenses: -$8,390.57 =  (This is mainly the cost of product for TheNetGunStore.com, monthly website tools, and rental property investment)

Website Marketing Company: -$400

Website Advertising with Google: -$500

Covering the shortage in rental income: -$167

January 2016 Total Profit: $11,089.84

House update: We only owe $116, 533.55 -Pssh…that’s easy! Nothing’s too big for God.

New tactic you can try to speed up the house payment, a new thing I’ve been doing is each time I make a sale I immediately tithe 10%, then I put 10% in savings, and now I put 10% in a third account that I use to pay down the principle on the house mortgage. I then go into my mortgage company’s website and make a “principle only” payment. So I make lots of little payments on it throughout the week.

Apparently a lot of mortgage companies have this option. I called my mortgage company and asked how I could make several payments per month and they pointed me to this “secret” payment website. I’d check into it for your mortgage too.

This has made a HUGE difference in knocking out the debt. (It’s also given me a big jump in my savings account too!)

January Business Experiments:

You’ve probably noticed I redid this website and have tried to streamline a couple things.

As you can see on the homepage and one of my “pop ups” I am trying to get people out of living paycheck to paycheck. That’s kind of been my new theme for FaithLifeMoney. Is to get my readers to live a life of increase and purpose. And as I’ve experienced myself, once you get out of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle – that’s when things really start to take off!

In order to help people stop living paycheck to paycheck I created a 3 step course:

  1. I updated my Free Quick-Start Guide to Increase (which many of you have read) and then it transitions into step 2…
  2. Then I took my flagship course “The Increase Academy” and turned it into a Free 30 day course that teaches you everything you need to live a life of increase.
  3. And now (I’m super excited about this) I am in the middle of creating “The Fast Track to $500” – my course which will teach you how to create a simple, online income like I have with TheNetGunStore.com. (More on that in a minute)

Basically, you sign up for the 3-step course and I will take you through the Quick Start Guide to Increase, you’ll learn the Biblical foundations of increase, and then you transition to the Increase Academy to learn the more practical steps to financial increase, and at anytime through that process you can join step number 3 and get your Free guide to creating a simple, online income.

1-2-3 BOOM. $$$

It looks like this:

Formula 2

So click here to sign up for that if you haven’t already and let’s get you on that path to increase!

I also ventured out and sold one of my net guns on Amazon. It did pretty good, sold in about 2 weeks. I like that they provide the customer, but what I didn’t like was it cuts my profit in half vs. me selling them straight from my website. It may be something I look into again later down the line if I want a more automated business. I just wanted to experiment and learn the process. Now I know!

I also started running Facebook Ads for my Net Guns as well. I have a lot of experience using FB ads for the insurance websites and I’ve helped lots of people run their campaigns as well. For this particular business I’m using what we call “retargeting ads.” This means when you visit my website and don’t make a purchase, you’ll begin to see my ads sort of follow you around FB.

Since I sell a high-ticket item, most people don’t buy the first time they come to my site. They usually talk it over with their boss, come back to the site a few times, show other people, get approval etc, and then come back to buy. So as they are going through the buying process I offer a $75 off coupon that keeps showing up on their computers and phones and lures them back in. This method has brought in a few sales. I’ll probably keep it going for a little bit longer.

New Course “The Fast Track to $500 per Month”

Okay, so you may have heard me talk about this in the past a little bit, but it’s currently underway and is already getting some momentum. (And Pre-Sales!)

Over on my other website EscapeYourDayJob.com I am in the process of creating an online course that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to create a simple, online business and start generating a side income.

A little sneak peak inside the course:

fast track screenshot 1

Like I said above, I want this to be the third “piece of the puzzle” to help you get out of living paycheck to paycheck.

I’d say at least 8 out of 10 people I talk to have a business idea they’d like to start, or at least a passion they’d like to turn into a paycheck.

I’m going to show you how to do that with my course “The Fast Track to $500.” (Click here and join the waiting list if you’re interested)

This is something I probably should have created a long time ago. It’s a ton of work, but I think it will really help people start pursuing their dreams and ideas.

I hesitated to create the course because I wasn’t sure how many of my FaithLifeMoney readers would be interested in creating a simple online business. But as I have spoke/emailed with many of you, a recurring theme keeps coming up. I hear over and over how so many people are living paycheck to paycheck, just eeking by each month, and have little to no savings.

For me, my online businesses is what took me over the top. It got me out of paycheck to paycheck and put money in savings. I definitely think it can help most anyone (it’s at least worth a shot!)

I’ve always said that I could have learned how to run an online business when I was 16. (It really is that simple) The problem was I didn’t know about it, I didn’t have the right information. So I’m going to give that to you and set you up for success.

Check out my free course on starting your first online business below. Then make sure you’re also on the Fast Track to $500 waiting list. It’s gonna be fun!


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