March 2015: My First Income Report

March 2015 Bigger

There are a lot of online bloggers and marketers who like to publish their monthly income reports.

I am a fan of this for a few reasons:

  1. It shows their transparency, and that helps builds trust. It proves they walk the walk, not just talk the talk.
  2. It’s fun to follow along with their journey, it’s like you’re riding shotgun with them and you can learn from their experiences.
  3. Income reports and updates are similar to a testimony. They help expand my faith and believe for bigger and better because I see other “normal people” obtaining their goals.

So I figured, “Hey, why not?!”

Besides, I have a lot of readers/listeners who want to know exactly what I’m up to, and how I am living this lifestyle of freedom.

I remember when I was in my early twenties, I was interested in business and how other successful people were making money.

But when I’d ask them for details, they often answered with vague, blanket statements. I am trying not to do that (as best I can) because I know how valuable an open, honest, and transparent role model would have been for me.

We are also aggressively paying off our house, and I’ll keep you updated on that as well.

Let’s dive right in:


I’ll go over the avenues of income, and then below I’ll explain some interesting facts about each.

Currently my biggest avenue of income is my website

In March of 2015 it grossed: $8,315.85

Insurance Websites: $1,650

Blessed Before Birth: $14

Rental Property: $1,200

Other Income: $1,800

Total Income for March 2015: $12,979.85

Business Expenses: -$5,801.07

March 2015 Total Profit: $7,178.78

A little about the businesses:


I started in 2010 and it has been a huge blessing to me, my family, and the animal control industry. I started this website knowing NOTHING about building websites and have no technical background in the area. It has been a lot of fun and it got me interested in the whole “make money online” industry. I spend maybe 8 solid hours per month on this site. (Click here for my Free Guide on HOW to make an online income)

I thank God for all my businesses as it has allowed my wife to be a stay at home mom, and has gotten me out of the 9-5 grind as well.

The Insurance website: I run, maintain, and do the online marketing for a local insurance company. I get paid for driving website traffic to our quote form. I mainly do this through Facebook marketing and search engine optimization. (Helping the company rank higher in Google) This is basically passive income for me, however the past 2 months, and going on in the future, I will be spending more and more time ramping up this site. My goal is to get it consistently to $3,000 a month.

My wife and I created to help pregnant Christians build their faith in one of the potentially most trying times of their lives.

It’s a 30 minute audio recording that you can play to build your faith and bring God’s supernatural peace into your situation. The first half speaks God’s promises and blessings over the baby, and the second half takes the top 10 fears of pregnant women and combats it with scripture, building faith in the momma. It is a digital download and has been downloaded in countries all over the world, and some great testimonies have been coming in!

I currently have it set as a “pay what you want” model, meaning you can literally pay $0 for it, or select what you’d like to give for it. (Hence only $14 last month…) This is a pricing model I’m experimenting with, I’ll probably raise it to $15 or so in the future, but for now, I’m cool with it. (Check it out if you know anyone pregnant, and pass it along to them!)

The rental property: This is the home I purchased when I was 24. When my wife and I got married 2 years later, we moved into another home, but kept this one as a rental property.  We don’t make much profit off of it currently, but we have had a great family living there for the past 2.5 years.

The “other income”: Nothing shady, we do some consulting type work. Basically we help other businesses increase, but at this point, we’ll just keep the details on the down low at their request.

Business expenses: This is mostly from the product costs of the Net Gun Store.  On average I have a 41% profit margin, which is strong. I also have just hired a dedicated marketing company for this business that I will pay monthly to handle the online marketing and advertising, bringing me in new customers. I have a friend whom I pay per sale that handles the admin side of this business as well. He is a great asset and has helped make this business truly automated.

Included in that business expense number is the mortgage on the rental property and a few tools I pay monthly for that goes along with the websites.

Paying Off Our House



If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I now hate debt with a passion! (Especially mortgages)  I used to be okay with being debt free, “except for the mortgage,” but not any more. It’s gotta go!

We prayed about it, got God’s debt cancellation plan for us (yes, you can do that!) and we are making monthly payments of $5,250. This will pay our house off in 2 years.  We  made our first payment on that in March, so just 23 more payments to go.

We currently owe $121,126.20 on it at this point and are believing God to get that knocked out fast!

Going Forward


As you’ve probably heard by now, the Faith Life Money Podcast launched April 17th and it is trucking right along! Expect a new episode once a week on “Faith Life Fridays!” (Check it out if you haven’t!)

I am also currently plotting and planning a new online course for you called “Escape Your Day Job.”

I’m very excited about this and I know it will change the lives of a lot of people.

Starting an online business is easier than you’d think, and literally anyone can do it. I started my business when I was 26, but I could have done it age 16 if I would have just had someone to show me how.

Can you imagine where you’d be today if you had started a lifestyle business earning passive income when you were 16?

Point being, let’s get started now so you can get free from the 9-5 and start spending more time with your family, serving your Church, and pursuing the plans God has for you.

I am going to walk you through exactly how to build a basic online store, (like The Net Gun Store) bring in new visitors, and make a simple online income that will help you escape your day job.  (Or at least bring some great side money if you want to keep your day job!)

Strategies to Read Next:

“Paying Off Houses and Escaping Your Day Job” and “Retired at 30, and How You Can Too!”

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