March 2016 Income Report

What’s up my friends?!

Wanted to hit you with March’s income report, including what we did new and what’s on the horizon.

This is also an interesting Income Report it’s been exactly ONE YEAR since I did my first income report!

I’ll do a comparison at the end to see how much things have changed in the last 12 months.

What happened this month

  • ANOTHER New Income Stream was added! (Details and a cool story of how this came about at the end)
  • My interview titled, “How I make 28k a Month” went live over a (It’s a fun one – check it out!)


Let’s look at the revenue for March 2016 :  $16,428.56 (-$1897.14 from previous month)

Insurance Websites: $3,140 (-$206 from previous month) 

Rental Property:  $800 (Tenants were short. This is supposed to be $1200. But after last month, I’ll let it slide 🙂

Other Income: $2,015 (+$215 up from last month)

“The Fast Track to $500 per Month” Online Course: $500 (Approximately, since I still haven’t marketed it to the masses) and resources on $30

*NEW Income Stream: Pro Writer’s Team: (See below for a cool story!) $532

March 2016 Total Gross Income: $23,445.56

(-$4117.14 from last month)

Business Expenses: -$10,961.81 =  (This is mainly the cost of product for, monthly website tools, and rental property investment) **Included is $1,325 I have invested in a new Net Gun supplier. Read more below**

Website Marketing Company: -$400

Website Advertising with Google: -$500

March 2016 Total Profit: $11,583.75

(-$3288.49 from last month)

But…We were up $4,404.97 from March of 2015! 

The New Income Stream:  (Cool Story)

As you may remember, in my popular post: “How I made $1,354 in My First Month on Fiverr (Copy my formula)” I teach how to get started making money on as fast as possible.

A friend of mine took action on what she read in the article and quickly published a gig where she would proofread your article and make it sound more professional.

She didn’t get any sales her first week, and she wondered if this was even a good idea. But not long after that, they started to roll in. Pretty soon she was contacted by a client who needed hundreds of training manual rewritten and rephrased. These started to pay her $300-$600 each!

After a while, she was making a nice little side income of about 2k a month. She kept this up for awhile, but eventually the work load at her day job plus the extra writing work was just a little bit more than she wanted to take on at the time.

She contacted me and let me know about this “problem” and then she put me in contact with her client. I struck a friendship with him and now he sends me his training manuals to rewrite and I have sourced them out to a little “writing team” I’ve put together made mostly of friends and family, and I also outsourced one of these to someone I hired on

I got to know the client, learned what he wanted done, created a little training video that walks my writing team through the process, and now I can outsource this work and pay my writers very well.

The reason I’m most excited about this is I’ve been able to bless people with this great opportunity to make good money while they’re staying home with the kids, between jobs, or perhaps just looking for financial increase.

One of my top writers made around $800 with me in March, and already in April 2016 she’s made over $1,200 just rewriting these training manuals from her computer at home. And she enjoys doing them! I like that.

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. I put in hours upon hours creating the Fiverr Formula guide and then just gave it away for free. BUT, it has blessed so many people, and helped countless individuals start making a side income. My friend was able to ramp her business up to around 2k a month, and then basically hand it over to me, and I can now use this income stream to bless single or stay at home moms.

It’s like a seed that keeps producing blessing upon blessing over and over!

The Fast Track to $500 per Month Online Course

This is still my favorite thing right now! (And probably always will be!)

Been getting great feedback and it’s so fun interacting with my “students” and helping coach them through launching their online businesses.

For those of you who don’t know what about it, this is my way of helping others have the passive income lifestyle I get to enjoy.

One of my missions is to show people just how simple it is to start and launch an online business.

I keep the course streamlined, fast, and very actionable. It’s about 30 lessons that covers everything from finding your idea, to building a beautiful website, to making your first sale and using social media to get more traffic. (Tons more lessons but you get the idea)

It’s written for the beginner too. So even if you have no experience online, this will walk you through it.

If this is something you’re interested in, check it out here: “The Fast Track to $500 per Month”

A new supplier for The Net Gun Store?

My products are sourced from a factory in China through connections I made from websites like (I teach how to do this in my course as well)

I have been with the same supplier for several years now and they’re great to work with. HOWEVER, I found a supplier in India that has claimed to be $250 LESS per unit than what I pay now!!!

I used three exclamation points because that is a HUGE deal. 

Let’s say with my currently supplier, I made $10,000 profit this month.

With this new supplier, my profit would have been $15,000 with the exact same amount of sales!

I spoke with them through several emails and a few phone calls and went ahead and ordered 5 units at this new and much better price. They should be in by the end of April. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

*I also ordered a brand new product through this supplier as well. It’s another fun product that could in fact be the next business I launch – stay tuned.

What I’m Excited About

I recently placed the biggest order of Net Guns to date with my supplier. And as you just read I ordered some with a new supplier. This will give me a lot of stock on hand (Which I normally DON’T like to do) but I’ve got some big plans for the Net Guns.

Once my large shipment arrives, I plan to really up my marketing efforts. I’m going to start doing more advertising and remarketing campaigns. (You know those ads that seem to follow you around the internet 😉

I’m also going to get on Amazon and go wild there. Even though Amazon takes a big chunk of my profits, with this new supplier, I would still be making the normal amount per sale anyway. I have recently used some online research tools that tell me that THOUSANDS of people are looking for net guns on amazon…and I should be the one to supply them!

I also look forward to the continued growth of the blog/podcast and the online course.

Over the past few months we have really taken off on Pinterest with literally thousands of new readers coming to the site each month. Consequently, I’m getting a lot of new readers/listeners and students of “The Fast Track to $500” online course that are females aged 35-60. Which is not a demographic I originally set out to reach, but hey- they’ve been awesome!

I’m here to help anyone who wants to live a life of increase and purpose!

I’m humbled and grateful to live the life I get to live. God is so good.

Keep hanging out with me, I want to take as many people along on this journey as I can.

-You guys rock.

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