Retired at 30

Retired at 30a

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My name is Travis, I’m 30, I’m married, I have a kid, and I live in Oklahoma.

And at the worst possible time, I quit my job.

But it wasn’t because it was a bad job…

In fact, people who go through 5 years of college don’t have a job as good as mine, and maybe never will.  I didn’t graduate from college yet I was very well paid at my job, in fact my monthly bonuses were bigger than a lot of people’s regular paychecks.

I worked for amazing, generous, Christian bosses (who are also my friends) I had normal hours, my commute only took 4 minutes, most of my coworkers were Christians, it was fast paced, and sometimes high pressure, (which I actually enjoy) it was a secure job, I could have worked there the rest of my life.

You’ve got to trust me when I say I did not take this job for granted, God’s favor set me up with this job in the first place, I knew what I had, it was the “perfect job” except for one thing…

I didn’t want to be there anymore.

I really didn’t.

I was not passionate about it. I definitely was at one point, I was supposed to be there for a season. But after awhile I was slowly becoming a zombie and had to fight to stay excited, creative, and productive.

By all accounts I should have been able to push through it, to persevere for my family’s financial sake; hey, it’s okay that I’m not passionate about it, the pay is great! I can work 9-5 then come home and pursue my passions at night and on the weekends right?

Just 35 more years of this and I should be able to retire and THEN I can live the life I dream about, isn’t that how you’re supposed to do it?

Suffer now, miss out on life and family while you’re young, and then start enjoying life when you’re old and on the way out. That’s what I’ve always been taught anyway. In fact it is often seen as “noble” for the man to sacrifice his life in hopes to support himself once he turns 65…

Besides, you’ve got a wife and a baby now, you need to be earning a paycheck! This is literally the “worst” time you could possibly quit your job.

But I did anyway.

To everyone else in the world, I must’ve looked like an idiot…


On October 1st 2014, I retired.


You mean you quit working to lounge around all day and live the lazy life?


Not at all. Quite the contrary, I’ve been VERY productive since I “retired.”

See there has been a major misconception about this thing we call retirement.

When we hear the word “retirement” we instantly think of white sandy beaches,  Tommy Bahama shirts, and our feet kicked up with a coconut drink in our hands. While that is possible, it’s not actually “the dream.”

Being lazy and doing nothing is NEVER anyone’s real dream. You might think it is now, but it’s not.

The real “dream” is to spring up out of bed every day because you are so excited to spend your day doing something meaningful, satisfying, and worthwhile. To spend your life on earth, as it is in heaven.

Let’s take a look at the typical “life plan.” It usually goes like this:

1. Go to college, get a “high paying” job, get married, have kids, work a lot.

2. Live frugally and put lots of money in your retirement account.

3. Retire from your day job, and keep living frugally because now you’re on a “fixed income.” Maybe drive around in an RV for a while, then buy a small home, have your grandkids over.

4. Die.

Oh the American dream…

People work their butt’s off for 65 years then hope and pray that at that point, they can spend their time doing what they enjoy, what they’re passionate about, what gets them excited about life!

Isn’t that the real reason people “retire” from their job? So that instead of spending the majority of their time doing something they can tolerate, (or hate) they can now spend the majority of their time doing what they enjoy!

Well I decided instead of waiting another 35 years, I’m going to start doing what I enjoy now.

I am going to spend the majority of the time I was given here on earth, doing what the Lord has put in my heart, instead of going to a job to “earn a living.”


This is where us Christians are missing it:


Listen closely, if you take this to heart it will change your life:

Yes, we are supposed to work. But we are supposed to work “on assignment.”

In other words, SEEK GOD FIRST and ask Him where He wants you to be, what He wants you to do, and then go there and do it!

He has a place for you, a “job” for you, a mission for you, a place He needs you to be at this point in time. When you live for God, you are never “out of a job,” He might just be switching your assignment.

What if we built our lives around God’s plan for us? What if we simply asked Him what He wants us to do, and then did it?!

How profound!

But how do most of us make life decisions?

We seek the money.

We pick the job we work at because it PAYS MORE.

We go to college, get into debt, and pick a degree in an industry that hopefully will pay a lot. (That job may not have been God’s plan for you at all!)

We let the paycheck determine where our family lives.

Dollar signs steer the course of our ship. Many will even uproot their families out of life-giving church homes if it will benefit their careers!

We get up early each morning five to six days a week and go to a mindless day job so that we can pay for our mortgages, car loans, and college debt.

Who told you that was okay? Who told you that’s how you get ahead in life? That doesn’t sound like the dream, that sounds awful!

The world told you that, and you listened.

It definitely wasn’t the Bible.

In Matthew 6:31-33 we find the strategy: 

Jesus tells us that the non-believers seek, wish for, and crave these things. (They strive after the money, the “stuff,” the pay raises) But if we SEEK FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (His way of doing things, and His way of being right) then God will give us ALL THESE THINGS (paraphrased, but go read the chapter for yourself in the Amplified translation of these Bible verses).

Jesus is telling us here that when we SEEK God first and His way of living, HE takes care of us. HE knows what we have need of and HE gives us all those things.

The necessities of life are part of your covenant, they are in the “perks package” of living for Him.

Hey, God promised to meet our needs, so why do we spend our entire lives working to get our needs met?

(I’m grabbing you by the shirt collar and pulling you up to my face) 




Look, either you believe God’s Word or you don’t.

Just ask Him where your assignment is. Then get there. He’ll take care of the rest. Take the time to seek Him FIRST. Put God as your first priority every day.

Stop with the “But God, that doesn’t pay much…But God, I don’t see how that would ever…”

Stop the toiling, stop “grinding,” stop trying to “make it happen,” – otherwise you’re going to miss out on life and you’re going to be full of regrets.

Who cares how much money is in your bank account, if you missed your kids grow up? Who cares how big your house is if your wife is lonely? Who cares that your drive the newest BMW, but had to work Christmas Eve?

I’m telling you, this “money trap” is from the devil.

Don’t get caught in it.

There was a large survey done with people over the age of 90. Their top 3 regrets in life:

1. Wished they would have taken more risks.

2. Wished they would have spent more time with loved ones.

3. Wished they would have done more things that had an eternal impact, things that would live on after their death.

Notice that NONE wished they would have worked more hours,  made more money, attained better things, or bought bigger houses.

Those regrets come when you live a life dictated by money, mortgages, and credit cards.

You don’t take risks because there is too much debt at stake. You don’t spend time with loved ones because you’re out “trying to make it happen,” and you’re not focused on the eternal – you’re focused on things that are temporary, like cars, houses,  and bank accounts.

BUT. When you SEEK God FIRST in all you do, when you work where He tells you to work, that’s when life gets good!


When you are where you are supposed to be, four things happen:


1. It doesn’t feel like work at all! You’re actually excited to do it. You enjoy your time. (Which is the point of retirement!)

2. God’s grace is on it. Things come easier, the supernatural favor, wisdom, and ideas are obvious.

3. The money comes, and it comes in abundance.

4. God adds all the other things to you! The “stuff” the nice houses, the nice cars, the blessings!

The job I mentioned at the beginning of this post came when I sought after God, I inquired of Him. I simply asked Him and then listened.

Same thing happened when I knew it was time to leave that job.

I got the greenlight to leave that assignment, and start working on the next. I didn’t know exactly what the next assignment was at this point, but as soon as I stepped out in faith, God brought the opportunity to me.

I quit my job October 1st, by October 8th all our monthly bills were paid, and by the end of the month we will have brought in nearly $9,000.

There is a big reward for “working on assignment” versus working to “earn a living.”

Not only have I increased financially since I stepped out in faith, trusting God instead of trusting my paycheck, but now I spend time with my wife and baby girl. My wife’s desire to be a stay at home Mom has come to pass, and I can truly say that I am living the life I’ve always dreamed of.

One of my assignments in life is to teach other Christians to operate in God’s Economy.  To get them to operate in the ways of the Kingdom.

I’ve created a special guide for you that will help you transition from “earning a living” into living a life you’ve dreamed about. Click below and watch this free video. (It’s worth your time, I promise!)

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