Should I Tithe Off My Gross or Net Income?

Another popular question: “Should I Tithe off my gross income or my net income?”

I think deep down, we all know the answer, but our flesh wants to give as little as possible, so when we ask this question we are deep down hoping someone will say the answer is “net income.”

But it’s not.

We tithe off the GROSS Income of our paychecks.

The reason being,  we honor God with the first and the best of what we produce (Proverbs 3:9-10)

We don’t want to give God what’s left over after the government gets their share. That’s putting the government first and God second. God always come first, especially when you are dealing with something like money. Putting God FIRST breaks the spirit of mammon that’s on money. It frees you up to do the over-the-top amazing things God wants us to do.

It may seem hard at first, but tithe off the GROSS of your income (when looking at your paycheck, it’s the BIGGER number) after a while, you will see God bless you like never before and you will WANT to give off your gross income, in fact He is going to hook you up so much you begin to get excited when it’s time to tithe and give!

Hey – Test Him in this! He is daring you to!

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