Should I Tithe While Still in Debt?


I was tempted to end this post right there because that’s all you really need to know.

The real question asked is: “Should I focus on paying my debt down first, and once I’m out of debt, then start tithing?”

In other words: Which is more important? Getting out of debt, or tithing?

The answer is TITHING.

It is crucial that you never stop tithing. Think of tithing as the covenant connector between you and God’s blessing.

We know that tithing “Opens the windows of Heaven, and God will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have room enough to contain it all…”

Trust me, when you are in debt, you WANT THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN OPEN ABOVE YOUR LIFE! You want to get out of debt as fast possible, everyone knows that debt makes you slave to the one you owe money to.

So continue to tithe, no matter what, give God the first 10% of your gross income. This gives God permission to operate in  your finances, He can now do His thing when it comes to your money. He will give you strategies and opportunities to raise your income and pay your debt off faster. Never, ever, put your loans/debt/mortgage or any other lending institution before God.

He always comes first.

I guarantee you, if you put other things first, you will always be in debt. 

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