Why You Should Be Making $10,000 a Month

Bold thought right?

I want to challenge the way you’ve been thinking about your money on today’s podcast.

As Christians, we have THE financial advantage when it comes to building wealth.

In today’s podcast we’re going to learn how to use the financial promises and blessings God has given us to think bigger, go bigger, and give bigger!

Don’t miss this episode as you’ll learn to grow and stretch your faith for financial increase as one of God’s Children.

Your blueprint to becoming a “10K Christian”

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Scriptures covered in this episode:

Deuteronomy 8:18 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

18 But you shall [earnestly] remember the Lord your God, for it is He Who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

Genesis 12:1-2 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

12 Now [in Haran] the Lord said to Abram, Go for yourself [for your own advantage] away from your country, from your relatives and your father’s house, to the land that I will show you.
2 And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you [with abundant increase of favors] and make your name famous and distinguished, and you will be a blessing [dispensing good to others].

Galatians 3:29 New Living Translation (NLT)

29 And now that you belong to Christ, you are the true children[a] of Abraham. You are his heirs, and God’s promise to Abraham belongs to you.

Deuteronomy 28:8 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

8 The Lord shall command the blessing upon you in your storehouse and in all that you undertake. And He will bless you in the land which the Lord your God gives you.

Isaiah 48:17 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

17 Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: I am the Lord your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you in the way that you should go.

Malachi 3:10 The Message (MSG)

Bring your full tithe to the Temple treasury so there will be ample provisions in my Temple. Test me in this and see if I don’t open up heaven itself to you and pour out blessings beyond your wildest dreams.


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